Currently Reliving Every Road Trip Ever

I was going to post a really long and semi-shallow post inspired by sale season woes, but then I found out that Ben Lee released a new album last week and I had NO idea.

Ben Lee’s (best) album, Awake Is the New Sleep, is basically the soundtrack to all of my summers since 2005. My family never went away on the typical “summer vacation,” but we always took one five-hour road trip to upstate New York in the beginning of August.

For those five hours, both to and from, we would only listen to three albums: Enya’s Paint the Sky with Stars, ABBA’s GOLD: Greatest Hits, and Ben Lee’s Awake Is the New Sleep.

I listen to Ben Lee all the time to this day. So, when I went on Spotify to have a quick jam session to “Gamble Everything For Love.” I was shocked to see an unfamiliar album cover staring back at me on the screen!

I’ve now listened to the album three times. It’s very good, and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit.

I have already tweeted about my joyous discovery on Twitter and, again, proving himself to be the coolest and nicest person ever, Ben Lee replied! Eeep!

And, if anyone is curious as to where I’ll be on July 1st…you can find me at The City Winery attending Ben Lee’s New York show. (Disclaimer: this will not be the first time I’ve seen him live. I also saw him in Pittsburgh when I was eight. I asked him to autograph a t-shirt for my sister because she was too nervous to talk to him.)

Here are my two favorites from the new album. I can’t decide which one I like more.


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